Nutrition Tips

At any stage in our lives we all tend to embark upon a diet of some sort of diet. The diet business is worth millions and there are new diets promoted every year. In general most diets can be so extreme that they are difficult to follow and the failure rate is high.

The 5:2 diet (alternatively known as the ‘intermittent fasting diet) has become increasing popular since its first publication in 2012. The principle has expanded to a 4:3 diet but in general the rule is days of normal eating and interspersed with one or more days of fasting or very low calorie intake. The success of the diet is based on the fact that most of us find it easier to diet for a few days. If we eat normally for 5 days and severely limit calories 2 days then over a period of a month we could expect to save upwards of 12000 calories on average – so you will definitely be seeing a steady los of a kg per week.

Other benefits of this diet are that it does not require the exclusion of any one food type so no low- carbohydrate or low- fat. Therefore the diet does fit with what most nutritionists and doctors recommend:

  1. Include all food groups as this ensures that the body gets all the building blocks required for a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Weight loss is gradual and therefore more likely to remain off
  3. The diet is suitable both for those looking to loose a few pounds and those looking to loose more
  4. The diet is more likely to be sustainable over a long period of time and encourage a change to healthy eating.

If you have any medical condition check with your doctor before embarking on any diet.

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