Memberships Price

Kinesis offer the following packages ONLY ( Joining Fees may be attached to any membership dependant on the membership packages on offer at the time of joining):


A 12-month contract at £19.99 per month.   This package is mainly suitable for those fully committed to all year training so that they can benefit from the lowest price.. The membership is collected through an upfront payment £20 joining fee and then through 12 consecutive Direct Debit payments which will take place 30days after your sign up date..  It is NOT possible to cancel membership until the 12 payments have been made. Your induction and health program  are inclusive in the membership price. After the 12th payment has been made this membership will then convert to a flexible rolling membership which has a 30 day cancellation policy.

A 3 month contract at £29.99 per month.   This package for example is suitable for those who have restricted training regimes, may possibly travel with work for extended periods, may move area or are new to training and do not want to commit to a 12 month membership.  This membership will incur an upfront payment of £20 joining fee and then 3 monthly Direct Debit consecutive payments 30 days from sign up. After the 3rd payment has been made this membership will then convert to a flexible rolling monthly membership ( with a 30 day cancellation policy) at the same great price.


NOTE:  ALL Direct Debit Memberships MUST completed the contracted period before they can be cancelled or changed once they are in the ‘rolling’ stage of the contract.  Contact Harlands Group Directly if you have any queries about your Direct Debit Payments.

Try the gym with a ‘Day Pass’ available between 6am and 3:59pm weekdays or at any time during the weekend.

PAYASUGYM members are welcome at Kinesis.

Your membership price is a fixed price for the lifetime during which you are a member. Online memberships which are by Direct Debits are managed directly by the Harland Group ( who manage the memberships for a large number of gyms). Kinesis operates a secure payment method by using the Harland Group . The reception staff can NOT deal with any financial issues which involve your bank details.

Kinesis staff are not responsible for advising which membership option is suitable for your requirements 

Further questions you may have around memberships or payments can be found either under the Membership button or the FAQ buttonPrior to joining we recommend that you read through the questions and answers on the FAQ section and take a tour of the gym.

If you wish to cancel your membership then this can ONLY be done by you contacting the Harland Group Directly. Phone  Numbers or email can be found at and the ‘customer services’ section. ALL  Direct Debit memberships MUST have the full number of  consecutive payments completed, according to the contract taken out,  before the membership can be cancelled.

If you wish to change a membership this must be done directly with Harlands within the 14 days of signing up OR at the end of the contracted membership period by cancelling and re-joining again online

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