Questions and Answers


What are the standard membership prices and conditions ?

Please go to the Membership pricing Section of this Website. Other memberships maybe available as offers throughout the year .

We offer memberships to suit everyone and both Direct Debits and Pre-pay memberships are available.

Are there any discounted memberships ?

There are no  discounted standards memberships. The banner on our website displays any offers we have.

A  Student membership is available at a discounted rate but is a pre-pay option only.

What is the minimum age to join ?

Kinesis is an 18+ gym due to the size of the free- weights we have available and that direct supervision is not available for under 18years.

Proof of age by Drivers Licence, Passport or National Identity  Card id maybe asked for at any point during a visit should the staff believe you to be under 18.

Falsifying information regarding your age may means you exercise entirely at your own risk in the gym and you may be at risk of prosecution by other members should you cause or be involved in an incident as our policy is NOT to knowingly admit people under 18 years of age.

Can I ‘try’ the gym ?

You can try the gym using a ‘Gym pass’  between 6am and 3.59pm every day or anytime during the weekend.  ‘Alternatively you can buy an ALL DAY PASS through PAY as U GO GYM

Passes are only available from reception.

What are Gym Passes’ ?

These are designed to allow you to try the gym before you decide to join. You will be required to complete an ‘induction waiver’ stating that you have chosen not to receive an induction. For your own safety you are advised to use equipment which you are familiar with during this time.

How do I join ?

This is an online process ONLY.  You are able to join at reception where you will be given access to a computer.By pressing the ‘Join Now’  you will be able to complete the joining process for the memberships which are online. There are pre-pay membership available using card or a process down as ‘Stripe’.

The reception staff can ONLY guide you through the process – they CANNOT complete the process for you or help you choose your membership option and you MUST NOT compromise their integrity by asking them to complete the process for you especially by handing over your financial details. 

Please note that the account holder is actually the person who is paying for the Direct Debit. The account holder is responsible for meeting the contractual requirements and cancelling the membership when necessary. It is possible for a number of memberships to be held by one account holder but the account holder is responsible for each membership payment and therefore that contract.


What is the Direct Debit Process ?

There are 3 parts to the process.

1. Fill in your personal details, including the ParQ. These are the only details Kinesis has access to .

2. Complete your financial details to set up  your Direct Debit. Once the process is completed Kinesis will not have access to your financial details. All DDs are managed by the Harland Group .

3. The first month and your Joining Fee ( if applicable) will be taken shortly after sign up.  Your first DD will be taken 1 Month after sign up.

Kinesis staff do not have access to your personal bank details and therefore cannot make any changes to payment collections, dates of collections or cancellations to your membership you need to contact Harland group directly for this.


What are the terms and conditions of the 12 Month membership ?

Kinesis complies with the ‘Right to cancel’ policy for Direct Debit Memberships. This means that if you join and you genuinely change your mind in the next 14 days or your circumstances suddenly change, you can cancel your membership without payments taking effect.

This ONLY applies if you do not use the gym during this 14 day period. If you use the gym during this period but still decide to cancel within the 14 days, daily rates of £6 per visit will apply for each visit which you make.  Our automatic ‘biometric’ entry system records all visits made for each member – which allows gym members unlimited access during opening hours.

A ’12 Month Membership’ requires 12 consecutive payments to be made before you are able to cancel. Once you have completed the 12 payments then the membership will continue to roll over on a monthly basis but you are then able to contact Harlands at any point to cancel the membership.

What are the terms and conditions of the 3 Month membership ?

The same terms and conditions apply to the 3 month membership as for the 12 month Membership but the contract period is 3 months before you are able to cancel.


How do I get into the gym ?

Kinesis is fully compliant with fire and safety standards – we know who is is in the building at all times.  We do this by using a ‘biometric’  fingerprint entry system. completed at reception when you join.

The system records all entry and exits made through the gate by any member.

We use Nomical to hold the fingerprint scans on our own designated secure database .  Nomical staff manage this database on our behalf so that no-one with the exception of designated Nomical staff have access to this database. Nomical are a reputable Data Management company and details can be found about them on the internet.


How can I cancel my membership ?

If you have a pre-pay membership this will automatically terminate after the allotted number of days and therefore will not need to be cancelled.

If you have a Direct Debit Membership 30 days  notice must be given to Harlands directly.

To cancel a Direct Debit Membership BEFORE the term of the membership is complete the following conditions MUST apply.

You move 5 miles  or more ( in a straight line) from the gym – contact the Harland Group and provide proof of your change of address

You are made redundant – contact the Harland Group with proof of redundancy

You contract a serious illness which will last the remaining term of your contract or longer. – contact the Harland Group with medical evidence of your illness

What happens to my membership if I have an accident ?

If  you have an accident which puts you out of training for more than  4 weeks then contact the Harland Group with medical proof and they will ‘suspend  your membership until you are able to return to training. During this time your membership payments will be frozen.

You are also able to ‘suspend’ your membership and your payments if you:

Become Pregnant OR

Need to work abroad for longer than a month

Evidence needs to be provided directly to Harlands for either situation.



What happens if I just cancel my Direct Debit with my bank ?

The Harland group must be advised directly of any cancellation to allow them to remove your Direct Debit details from their database . Failure to tell them will mean that you are still considered to be a member and they will still contact your bank for payment.If Harlands  cannot collect your membership from your bank they will treat this as a DEFAULT in payment ( see below regarding ‘Default on payments’).

What happens if I default on my membership payments ?

A Default on payment occurs when the Harland Group apply to your bank for your membership payment and your bank refuses the payment.

If you default on payment the Harland group will contact you regarding your payment  both by telephone or by letter. This means you will incur charges in addition to the monthly membership payments due.

As an organisation which collect Direct Debits for many Gyms Harland’s have  a rigorous process for following up and collecting outstanding payments using Credit Resolution Services. This is to protect their clients from people who just seek to use their  client’s facilities and have no intention of paying , which is unfair to the client and other members of the client who do make the payments for the service.

Why do you use Harlands for Direct Debits ?

Harlands Group is a reputable financial institution. Managing Direct Debits is part of their business and they provide this facility to a lot of gyms. They comply with Data Protection and Security legal requirements. By using Harlands Kinesis believes we are providing the best process for our customers. When you join online Kinesis doesn’t have any access to sort codes or account numbers and therefore are customers financial security is always maintained . Customers are in control of joining and cancelling their memberships.  Harlands staff are always willing to help with any problems.

Therefore please don’t ask our staff to complete your membership process for you OR to CANCEL your membership as they do not have access to your direct debit data to be able to do so.

What if I don’t want a Direct Debit Membership ?

Kinesis provides a number of pre-pay memberships. These memberships are available online through our website and are collected by “Stripe”. Alternatively if you decide to take a tour of the Gym and then decide to join it is possible to pre-pay using credit or debit card at the reception as an alternative to “stripe”

What if I select and process the wrong membership or join online twice by mistake ?

All Direct Debits are managed by the Harland Group and they will be able to find your membership/memberships on their system and correct the errors.

Your statement will be debited with the payments within the first 10 days of joining. Therefore, if you notice  any errors  you MUST contact Harlands within 14 days so they can correct the process. Errors made to single memberships will ONLY be refunded/corrected  within this 14 day period.

How do I change memberships ?

If you have a Direct Debit Membership then you must have already fulfilled the contracted part of the membership before you can change.  Each Membership has its own terms and conditions. To change a Direct Debit Membership please contact Harlands to cancel your existing membership after which you will be able to sign up online for the new membership of your choice including changing from Direct Debit to pre-pay.

How do I store my personal possessions when I am training ?

Lockers are provided in the changing rooms.  Bring your own padlock or purchase one at reception.  We DO NOT loan padlocks. Please use the lockers to store your possessions. Kinesis are not responsible for ANY possessions which are lost or stolen.

You CANNOT give your personal possessions to our staff for safe keeping, whilst you are training, as safety of your possessions is not their responsibility.

Is the website secure for joining on-line ?

Our website is co-joined to that of ‘Membr’ which is the joining portion of Harland Group Financial Database and therefore meets the Standard Regulations for Financial Institutions who perform these type of services.

Is Kinesis a safe place to train ?

Kinesis has extensive CCTV throughout the building.

What other services do Kinesis offer ?

Kinesis offers:

1 – 1 and small group Personal Training Sessions. Pay the trainer directly.

Sports massage – book and Pay directly with Rick Southcott

Is there Parking?

There is  parking outside of the gym and on adjacent roads.  Members should not park either in or obstruct the access to Tom Coombes Close, which is a private residential road and residential area for the elderly.

Do you run Exercise Classes ?

We no longer run exercise classes as there wasn’t enough continual demand . There is an independent Personal Training Studio which now occupies this studio and offers small group personal training as well as 1- 1 sessions in a private environment. Please contact Rick Southcott who details are on our Personal Training Page.


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