Kinesis does not offer classes but personal trainers offer small group training as well as 1 – 1.

Classes can often become boring as routines often work to the ability of the least able in the class.  New people joining a class can struggle to ‘catchup’.  Lots of things make it difficult for a class to change up its routine or intensity on a frequent basis.  However, it is the frequency of change of the component exercises and the intensity with which these are done which give the best outcome in fitness and weight management.  The ability to work with a personal trainer in a small group of up to 4 people allows the trainer some individual attention to each person as well as the ability to constantly change the component exercises in the program and therefore move more quickly to the desired fitness outcome.

Personal Trainer Rick Souhcott has an independent fitness studio based within Kinesis Gym where he can offer private small group as well as 1 – 1 training sessions away from the gym floor.

Personal Trainer Aidan Hamilton likes to keep his personal training coaching on the gym floor to maximise using the full range of gym equipment we have but also offers 1 – 1 and small group training.


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